Fastening The Car Parts

- Mar 20, 2018-

After the vehicle is cleaned, it is necessary to fasten the joints. Due to the vibration, jolting, swaying and other reasons during the running of the vehicle, the connectors are bound to loosen and wear out. Therefore, it is necessary to fasten it in daily maintenance. The daily fastening work of the connector is directly related to traffic safety, especially the steering, braking, and transmission of important components, and must not be taken lightly.

1. First, tighten the joints of the hoses around the engine to prevent oil leakage.

2. Secondly, tighten the connectors of the lines and electrical equipment to prevent the circuit breakers, short circuits, and ground connections from affecting the normal operation of the electrical equipment.

3. Again, check and tighten the main connectors. Such as the generator belt, the steering unit, the drive system, and the tire.