Car Cleaning

- Mar 19, 2018-

The air contains a lot of dust, silt and acid substances, not only easy to be stuck fuel leak, easy to form a hard insulation layer under high temperature baking, so that the cooling performance of mechanical parts is poor, and it is easy to be electrostatically absorbed by the body and erode paint Face to make it fade prematurely.

1, clean air filter

Over-dirty air filter will steeply block fresh air from entering the cylinder, resulting in over-concentration of aerated gas, incomplete combustion, reduced power, and excessive exhaust gas. Modern air cleaners generally use paper filter cartridges. When cleaning, do not use water or oil. Tap and purge methods should be used. The tapping method gently taps the end face of the filter element to make dust fall off. The purging method is to use a compressed air filter to purge the inside out. Air pressure: the force should not exceed 0.3 N/Pa.

2, clean oil filter

Obstruction of the oil filter will impede the flow of lubricant, causing poor engine lubrication, increased wear and even burning of tiles. For this reason, it should be cleaned or replaced regularly. Usually replaced every 8000km, if the climate is dry. Should be shortened to 5 000km for replacement.

3, clean the battery

Modern cars generally use maintenance-free batteries. First, clean the top of the battery to avoid short circuits between the poles due to electrolytes or other impurities. Second, clean the battery terminals to prevent the connectors from producing oxides and poor contact. Ventilation holes should be clear to prevent the battery from bursting due to excessive pressure or temperature in the battery.