Check The Car

- Mar 21, 2018-

After the fasteners are tightened, the height and quality of the oil should be checked, as the liquid will gradually wear out and oxidize at high temperatures, resulting in reduced liquid level and poor performance.

1. Check the height of the battery liquid level with a test tube with a diameter of 5 N 6mm. From the filling port vertical force to contact with the filter screen, close the upper end of the test tube with the thumb and lift the tube to measure the height of the liquid column. Battery liquid level, standard should be 10 N 15mm.

2, check the height of the lubricant level

Remove the oil dipstick when it is cold, wipe it, insert it into the bottom of the oil pan, and observe the height between the upper and lower marking lines after exiting. When the hot car is turned off, wait for the standby oil to flow into the sump before measuring.

3. Check the height of the liquid level of the coolant. The coolant in the tank should be full when cold. The height of the liquid in the expansion tank should be between the markings. Hot liquid level should be slightly higher than the superscript

4, check the brake fluid, steering fluid level

Unscrew the bolt and observe directly whether the liquid level is within the specified marking range.

5, check the quality of oil

No matter what kind of oil, you can use the following methods to check.

(1) Appearance method: Check the oil sample taken out. If it is more transparent, it shows that the pollution is not serious; if it is misty, the water in the oil seeps; if it is gray, it may be contaminated with lead or other abrasives; Black is contaminated by high temperature exhaust gas.

(2) Diffusion method: Drop the extracted oil sample on the filter paper. If the diffusion is very wide and there is no obvious difference between the oil droplet area and the diffusion area, the cleanness of the oil is good; otherwise, the cleanliness of the oil is changed. difference.